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Alex Hughes aka Judge Dread

Alex Hughes (b1945 - d 1998), is better known as Judge Dread. He was the first white artist to have a reggae hit in Jamaica  and is credited in the Guinness Book of Records as having the most banned songs (11) of all time.

He lodged with a West Indian family in Brixton, where he was exposed to artists like Derrick Morgan and Prince Buster. He bounced at the Ram Jam Club in Brixton, and was given the job of being Prince Buster's bodyguard on his UK tour. A debt collector for Trojan Records, he also DJed on local radio and on his own sound system.

He often sang about Snodland where he lived and has a Alex Hughes Close named after him in the village in Kent. He collapsed on stage in Canterbury in 1998,and was never revived. Truly a figure close to all skinhead's hearts, we'll never forget him. Alex Hughes - he was a lad - when we were skins...

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