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Rogues Gallery

A veritable rogues gallery of people who have made contributions to skinhead culture over the years


Alex Hughes aka Judge Dread

Alex Hughes (b1945 - d 1998), is better known as Judge Dread. He was the first white artist to have a reggae hit in Jamaica  and is credited in the Guinness Book of Records as having the most banned songs (11) of all time.

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Brian Kelson

Brian hails from Telford and trades vinyl on ebay as The Scorcher. Scorcher is the name used by him for the reggae and soul nights he annually hosts in Birmingham. One of the most consistent features of the skinhead reggae scene for over a decade and considered a highlight of the year for skinheads.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is Bristol born and bred and a Tote End Boy through and through. A lifelong Bristol Rovers and skinhead reggae fan, he has written two books - the autobiographical 'Bovver' and the more recent prequel 'Booted and Suited'

Chris Prete

Chris is an original skinhead from back in the day. He is an oracle of all things Trojan, compiling and writing sleeve notes on many releases up until a few years ago.

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Garry Bushell

Garry was born in 1955 in sarf east london and is a Charlton lad to the bone. Between 1978-1985, he wrote for Sounds magazine and pioneered the Oi! genre, compiling the first 4 albums.

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Gavin Watson

Gavin began photographing as a hobby, encouraged by his father, Richard, who helped him develop the film in a home-made darkroom. His documentation of the skinheads, family and friends growing up on an estate in Wycombe culminated in what can be seen in his book Skins.

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Mikkel Rude

Mikkel Rude hails from Copenhagen and has been dedicated to what he describes as the "clean cut British look" since 1981. An avid follower of the scene, his clothing brand has set a benchmark for style which many try to emulate and fail.

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Oxford Paul

Paul Landers aka Oxford Paul - has been a skinhead for over 30 years and is the face of the Blue Cat Reggae Club. An avid scourer of tat shops, he also buys and sells clothes and vinyl on an ad hoc basis.
He regularly DJs across the country.

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