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Meta tags

I try to keep good meta tags on articles so they show up in the related articles on the right side of the article.

Submitting an article

Choose submit an article from your user menu and wait for the editor to load. Add text into editor and format. Choose image button from bottom of the editor to add an image (browse and upload your image - do not make it larger than 1.5MB as it will probably fail). Choose a section (Usually features unless you want it to be news) and choose a category (most of these relate to the sections in the top menu

Downloading Calendar

You can download the calendar in iCal format (a standard calendar format) which you can import into your favourite calendar software. Choose this option from the User menu on the left side

Adding videos

To add a YouTube video, copy the YouTube page URL from the navigation bar in your browser and submit an article and paste the URL as it's content. Always choose music as the section and it's genre as category i.e. Ska, Punk & Oi! etc

Adding Events

If you are unable to add an event, it may be because you do not have privileges. Email me and I will change your privileges so you can. Once done, you can click near top right on a day on the calendar and it will give you a form to fill for the event. click save and it will show on the calendar

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