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Rating Music and Articles

If an article has not been rated it will not show it's add rating box when it is on a multi article blog page. Click on it's title to see article on its own and you will have access to its rating system so you can rate an article

Domain Name

I have been (unusually out of character for a Yorkshireman) frivolous and spent a whole £6 registering a domain name. I wanted to get back my old domain name of but opted (back in typical Yorkshire style) for the cheaper It is forwarded to the current host and your bookmarks will still work but new domain will show in address bar now.

Attention Viewers!

Just a quick announcement. I am trying to fine tune the site's format - most importantly - the site's events calendar and news. Some parts I have not refined such as forum and community but they do work OK by the looks of it. Feel free to add any categories you want. Any suggestions are welcomed, as is any help/contributions. I intend it to be a site where people contribute so that it doesn't just show my point of view.The main contributors are myself and Heather at the minute but I hope there are more in time. Everybody is welcome on board with the content. Having said that, the management do reserve the right to refuse admission ;-). Most people have been made publishers so you can add whatever you want by choosing "Submit an article from the User Menu. Make sure you categorise and sectionise it or it won't appear anywhere. To make something appear here for example, I have to mark it as News (Section) and General (Only category in the News section at present)


Events Calendar

I have started an events calendar. anybody wants to add an event, they should be able to as most of you at the moment are classed as publishers. If not, let me know. If they are gigs or festivals put them as "Music Events", if they are scooter related events, class them as "Scooter events" and anything else, put as "Other" Cheers

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