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As many cuttings and extracts as I can get a hold of will be published here and will be scanned in and converted to text.

Yell IT - Issue 71

Issue 71 International Times


Skin Editorial

THlS is about a large Borough in S. London called Sutton (pop. 170,000) -  a Tory stronghold although a big majority of the People.are working class.

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Yell IT - Issue 70

Issue 70 International Times



Well, it has Started. We've started getting letters complaining about this page. I think that we expected this to happen.

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Yell IT - Issue 68

Issue 68 International Times



EDITORIAL - By Paul Thompson.
People call us 'skinhead', we don't call ourselves anything. This is our page and we can do what we like with it, and that's what we're going to do. Maybe later we can start that magazine everyone's been going on about.


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Yell IT - Issue 69

Issue 69 International Times




RIGHT - As from now on I refuse to let anyone call me a skinhead, or I prickle-head , or anything like that.

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Spy Kids Zine

Spy Kids zine was written by Ewan Kelly, one of the Spy Kids in their heyday.

Although Ewan disappeared into thin air within a couple of years, his cartoon drawing style will be etched forever on many people's minds. He drew the Glasgow Spy Kids Spirit of '69 tattoo any Spy Kids worth his weight in salt had tattooed on at the time.

Although I preferred the Glaswegian charm and wit of McGinn's Bovver Boot, it was still a decent zine although I think only 2/3 issues. Here is issue 2

Right-click and save PDF of Spy Kids #2

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