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As many cuttings and extracts as I can get a hold of will be published here and will be scanned in and converted to text.

Backs Against The Wall Fanzine

Dudley Somers of Cardiff published a fanzine during the mid 80s and the zine, along with legendary Hard As Nails, were the main protagonists of a revival of the original skinhead style. If you've never seen these before, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did back then. If you have already seen them but not for a long time, I hope it's a blast from the past. Oh, and there's some nice illustrations in by yours truly!

Right-click to download PDF of BATW#2

Right-click to Download PDF of BATW#3

Right-click to download PDF of BATW#4

Right-click to download PDF of BATW#5 part 1

Right-click to download PDF of BATW#5 part 2

A Close Shave

An article about Bristol Skinheads from a Bath magazine, supplied to me by Chris Brown

Skinheads were youth culture's original whipping boys (and girls), demonised in the press, their look hijacked by the far right. But with skinhead gods Dave and Ansell Collins and the Pioneers appearing together in Bristol this week, it's a chance for the old originals to show us what they were really all about. Chris Brown and Cris Warren talk to local skinheads past and present, and discover it's not just a haircut, it's a way of life





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Not half as Hard as a Doc Marten Boot

"Most skinheads drink hot milk with their mothers at night, you know. We're not half as hard as we look," says Bill Pegg, lacing up a big, brown, eight-hole Doc Marten boot.









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Ska Party

iD Magazine article from 1988 on the ska revival and the wind of change blowing through the world of skinhead


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Angels With Dirty Faces (Brian Case)

First featured in NME March 11th 1978

A GOOD TWO HOURS before the gig, Rock Against Racism musters its muscle. All shapes and sizes, they line the walls of the long low conference chamber, and listen.
An RAR spokesman, himself one size smaller than Europe, explains that the problem will be separating the head cases from the rest. Along with the regular hate mail, they've had notice that the National Front intend to put in an appearance.
"We want a real skinhead on the door to welcome them,"

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