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As many cuttings and extracts as I can get a hold of will be published here and will be scanned in and converted to text.

Going Down the Pub, Getting Your End Away and The Meaning of Life

First appeared in Sounds October 28th 1978
Interview by Garry Bushell. Pix by Jill Furmanovsky

IN THE beginning there was Albert. Albert was the star of Sham 69. Pursey was a minge. Albert used to write all the music and still does. They just bung 'im a couple of bob to shut 'im up . . . '
Vince Riordan, Sham's big (BIG) roadie never did get a chance to tell me the whole story about Albie Maskell, the man behind Sham, because Pursey got him in a headlock and they started rolling all over the Top Of The Pops dressing room floor.


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Sham Quit (Kris Needs)

First published in the New Musical Express February 10th 1979
No more Sham gigs as Pursey feels the strain of stardom.

ON WEDNESDAY, January 31, Sham 69 played their last ever gig.
Last week's forboding Sham-review headline-"If this doesn't make him think t~vice, nothing will"-was prophetic. Jimmy didn't even have to think twvice. Before he walked on. stage at famed rock club, Friars Aylesbury, to face nine.hundred expectant Sham fans, he'd made up his mind. In fact, over in the pub before the gig he had to be persuaded from going home there and then.

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Ulcer Boy (by Nick Kent)

First appeared in the NME 27th October 1979

Approximately a month ago, lurching down towards the Covent Garden area of Central London, this journalist observed one Steve Jones, well known beefcake boy and Sex Pistol's guitarist. Being old acquaintances on-reasonably amenable terms, Jones corralled the scribe in his tracks for a brief tete-a-tete about each other's well-beings, the rising price of pork and life in general.

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Harder Than The Rest

First appeared in Sounds March 8 1980

Words by Garry Bushell. Pix by Ross Halfin

THIS FRIDAY the Cockney Rejects release their debut album on EMI Records and it's a classic, a raucous slice of autobiography that's one of the hardest-rocking chunks of punky plastic you're likely to hear all year.

But before we go on let's clear up the Bushell connection...

Last May two kids in claret and blue scarves came up to me in a pub and thrust their tatty tape into my hand. Like them it was rough and ready and naively positive. Impressed, I put them in touch with Jimmy Pursey who produced their demo tape and those original promising tasters "got a soupcon of spit and polish and re-emerged as the Small Wonder 'Flares And Slippers' EP,. three rowdy rough-arsed diamonds that to this day still pop up in the Alternative best sellers.

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