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As many cuttings and extracts as I can get a hold of will be published here and will be scanned in and converted to text.

Record Collector Skinhead Reggae Article



Published in the Record Collector in June 2011, Michael de Koningh picked out a top 50 most collectable skinhead reggae singles. An excellent article. Right click this link to download a PDF of it.

Smiling Smash

Smiling Smash: An Interview with Cathal Smyth, a.k.a Chas Smash, of Madness

Dateline: 08/16/99
Photos and graphic design by Bob Timm, property of
All Rights Reserved.

On July 15th, 1999, I had the pleasure of meeting Chas Smash at Westside Studios. In this interview, Chas speaks at length about the inspiration behind Madness, the early days of Two Tone, the new album, and his new passion: getting in touch with fans on the Internet.

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IT Magazine Yell Features

International Times Magazine was an underground magazine that ran during the late 60s through into the 70s. In 1969, they gave the skinheads their own page which they named Yell. This proved to be an uneasy alliance and only lasted about 6 issues until it was edged out of the magazine. Here are the contents of the pages as both text and in a combined PDF.

• Yell from issue 69 of IT • Yell from issue 70 of IT • Yell from issue 71 of IT
• Yell from issue 72 of IT
• Yell from issue 73 of IT

PDF of all pages


Yell IT - Issue 73


Issue 73 International Times

NOT very much has been going on since last issue. We have had more news from Manchester about the school versus Twisted Wheel Club.
Apparently someone got the news wrong, and thought we were trying to claim a YELL reporter was expelled from school. This was not so.


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Yell IT - Issue 72

Issue 72 International Times





By Paul Thompson

Now that we hve your attention, we can safely tell you're reading the YELL page again.

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