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Yell IT - Issue 73

Issue 73 International Times


NOT very much has been going on since last issue. We have had more news from Manchester about the school versus Twisted Wheel Club.
Apparently someone got the news wrong, and thought we were trying to claim a YELL reporter was expelled from school. This was not so.
We stand by our reporter's story that disciplinary action had at least been threatened to ANY pupil who went there.
Also we have heard from parents that the club has an 'unsavoury reputation'. This we would like to put a stop to right away, as a favour to our Manchester readers who would normally go there, and as a favour to the management of the club, where many of the YELL staff, including me, have had such good times. We would like to assure school staff & parents lhat to the best of our knowledge the Twisted Wheel is perfectly safe and above board, and its entertainment for young people in Manchester is SECOND TO NONE. I personally would have no hesitation about taking my SISTER there!!! The unsavoury reputation is all in your minds.
YELL staff members Simon & Bob are still looking into the matter to see what has been missed, and to get all the facts. We are going to write to the Twisted Wheel manager in order to see if he has heard anything about this affair.
YELL has heard some things about of our best YELL people come from. the BBC our informant assures us that they're true. Apparently, if you It was early one Sunday morning want to get Oil Top of the Pops you and in Romford all was well, have to send a photograph. If you Only the noise of Reggae records have short hair they turn you down disturbed the silent spell. immediately. Girl seanturn up at lhe About 8 o'clock the streets were studio without sending a photo , but full with people nearlyja. ~ore, they're on ly let in if they're wearing They are the Romford Skinheads
wild gear. coming home from the night before.
So, apart frm the cardboard grin of Tony Blackburn or someone, we
It 's in Romford South St. the

Shandon Dance Hall lies
usually get a rather cock-eyed view
And early on the one and only
of modern British youth.
Skinheads there you'll spy. all makesTopofthePopsgood
So if you do come down there
for alaugh,watchinggirls in headbands &
Skinheads you will see,
stuffdoingthe Kwangoor theGleebor
So be on your best behaviour,
whatever il is they do. Many thanks to the
you're in very good company.
BBCfor giving usaquarterofanhour
I'm praising up the Skinheads•
longer 10 laugh at as Topofthe Popsgets
myself, I am one too.
phonier every week.
So if you are a Skinhead it also
Things arc gelling funny when you get applies to you. a group like 'Slade', the once hairy group who CuItheir hair short inapathetic That's nice Miss Allgrove. Let'ssee if atlemptlO become 'skinneads' (Eh?). I we get any leiters about your poem. Talk•think it's all part of a plot to lead young ing of let ters, it's about time we got a good peopleupthegardenpath. letterinsteadoftheonescomplaining.
Let's see how many friends we've got ...
Here's somethingdifferent forachange. A poem from someone who we want as Until next week -Reductions in YELL's resident poel (strewth!), E. All•the price of Tafetta Lace have made grove.agirlfromRomford,wheresome cheapfrillsavailabletoall.
E VAMPIRE, US-ll7, by the

UPSEITERS. has now been re•
re~a~d as lhe 'A' side. It was
previously the ' B' side to CHECK HIM
OUT, by the BLEECHERS but it MIS
discovered that the Vampire was earning
more sales. hence the change. It is a well
performed instrumental, nothing fantastic
but good aU the same.
An instrumental which I am very keen on is 81 -537, MEMORIES OF LOVE. by BORIS GARDNER &: the LOVE PEOPLE. rhave never heard of Ihis group beforc &. Ihis is what I like about Reggae music; il gives plenty of good, unknown groups I chance to show their talent such as these boys do on this record on the Big Shot label.An easy pace both for listening and dancing with the organ taking the lead &: the rest (ollowing nicely.
A tremendous double 'A' side from
HARRY J. ALL STARS. I call it a double
'A' because. after many plays, I still can't
decide which side is the better. The official
'A' Side, HJ-6601, THE BIG THREE,
sounds almost orchestral and features an
organ, the playing of which reminds me of
the old cinema organs or Sandy what's-is•
name on the DBC. Strangely enough, this
seems to enhance the record which is
medium paced and contains the modern
Pop-a-Toppy feel and rhythm. Right, let's
turn it over. I suppose it's the song which
reallygetsme on thisside.It'sa Reggae
version of the old standard LAVENDER
BLUE. What a beautiful song this is, and the trealment given to it by Harry J . does il full juslice. Faster than the other side, the singing is the predominant fac tor and, whoever the voice belongs to, well done, you've made a good jobof asong which had to be sung soulfully. Don't miss these two great sides.
Reggaefrom New York ? Yes, I received
one from Decca on the London label . called BOOMERANG, by EDDIE LOVETTE. The number is HLU·I0298.
This is Reggae at a furiou s pace and is the sort of record I like to dance to after a few drinks -un~hibittel like. Ed~ie sings with the echoey, high-pitched effect which makes tbe pace seem even rno~ breathless. The drummer does some good work especi. ally when he's tapping a kettle drum. The ' B' side is another fast Reggae numba' which they tiave called TOGETHER and is, in actual fact, aversionoftheBellones hit, No Mo~ Heartaches. Praise to Decca for putting out a good production which could sell big.
Rack now to one of the more recognis•ed Reggae labels. Trojan have released TR·7710,SAMFIEMAN,thelatest by the PIONEERS. Thisdidn't immediately appeal to me like their previous numbers did but I find il continually growing on me. The fauli lies in a slightly muffled recording of their voices, other than Ihat, the record is excellent. ' B' side is MOTHER Rn TIE,avery catchy number which some a~ going to prefer to the 'A' side. Going a bomb in my live shows at the moment is GR.3007, lOCH NESS MONSTER by KING HORROR. Apart from the odd screaming and talking, this is ma inly instrumental featuring an instrument nOI often heard on Reggae records, tne Trombone. It is this that holds this record together and makes if very catchy and danceable.Good forlaughsanddancing•take your choice. '
Let's fmish with a very modern effort, DU.S9, UCK A POP by HOT ROD ALL STARS. Thisdeceives you by startingwith the opening bars o( the Liquidator but then it belts into a Pop-A.Toppy rhythm with some unusual variations.. This one is going to sell a lot The 'B' • side is rno~ straight forward Regae called TREASURE, which ~miads me I'm jlUt of( to sample a treasure chest df Rum , so Cheers (or Now!! .

Steve Maxted

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