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Yell IT - Issue 71

Issue 71 International Times


Skin Editorial

THlS is about a large Borough in S. London called Sutton (pop. 170,000) -  a Tory stronghold although a big majority of the People.are working class. There are two record stores in the whole borough and of course crappy WH Smith. A few weeks ago 'Soho Records' stopped playing singles and LPs for us unless we were going to buy them and now HMV have also stopped for the same reason. How,are we supposed to know what an LP is like until we hear it through? And these cunls are getting paid for it!

What I would like everyone to do is to write to the head offices of their local reeord stores and demand that we should hear th~m -after all, we are keeping them in business. If this doesn't work, there's always the record companies themselves (just think what would happen if EM!, Decca etc got thousands of complaints from suburban record stores). In this great GLC area there are not many discothequ· es, clubs or amusement arcades for us young people but we will have the vote next year so we can pester our local MPs for more facilities. Don't say they won't do anything for us because the bastards are after votes -and remember, action is better than talk. We must start to get at BEC and lTV FOR MORE POP program· meso Top of the Pops (as bad as it is it's better than nothing) has gone down to 25 minutes, and then we only have about
one hour of Soul & r..eggae on the radio (If we all voted for Emperor Rosko on a DJ poll they would have to give him more airplay ....)

If anyone knows of places (besides Petticoat Lane) where we can buy some really good soul & reggae classics why not write to tell & let everyone know.

TO ALL READERS: It is time for us to come of age. We must remember our enemies aren't greasers, hippies etc, but the people in power. After all, who passes the laws to SUit themselves and help keep us down? We must start (if you haven't already) to demonstrate against these people, after all, if we turn up in numbers Old Bill will really get worried, as they think they're only up against students. Let us prove to everyone we want to change this set up so we can at least live happily.

One of the reasons we want to stay in IT, which has a large circulation, is that we want to bring things to the notice of the public. For example, in Yell No.2. we featured a cry for help from youngsters in Manchester who were expelled from school for going to the Twisted Wheel Club, which is the only place which makes Manchester tick. We think the Head teacher acted outside his/her authority - that's out of order. So we are getting our special hairy reporter Simon Walsh, and editor Paul too, on a complete investigation of everything that happened. We plan to reveal all, so if these Manchester kids HAVE been pushed around too far by the powers in school we'll kick up one hell of a ruck about it. But what sort of a noise could ~ make in a duplicated rag of only a couple of thousand circulation - that's why we. want to stay in IT. If you agree with us, write & say so. Write if you disagree too.
We were counting our chickens before they were hatched when we said David Bowie was going to help us out. We ain't heard a squeak out of him for ages and ages. Never mind. Would anyone wishing to contribute please send their articles (preferably typed) to us at 27 Endell Street, WC2.
CUNT OF THE WEEK AWARD goes to the person in the SURREY ROOMS, Kennington Oval, who slung two of our reporters out of the UPSETTERS dance before they could start reporting:"_ HIYA CUNT!! We HAD promised Trojan Records to do an article on the Upsetters and to include a photo. Sony folks!
SORRY for any mistakes or things missed out this time, but IT staff want their Xmas holidays, so we're forced to do everything one week early. Also we're forced todo it in two evenings, as the editor is working full time in a bowling alley for the next 3 weeks. Anyway, we wish you all a happy new year!!
Some people in IT want us out of the newspaper and into our own magazine as soon as possible, and we may find our•selves chucked out altogether if we don't do SOMETHING one way or the other-If we brought out a magazine now there would not be many copies of it and it would be done using the cheapest possible method because we are ABSOLUTELY SKINT. Also we don't know if a newspaper of our own would be any use to us anymore. We don't call ourselves skinheads anymore (except for the 14 year olds) and our own magazine, which would not be possible at the moment, would cut us off completely from other young peoplewho read IT . We feel we're doing more good inside IT than we would outside it. Apart from anything else, all the Yell staff are working for nothing.
What we're asking for is YOUR opinion readers: we think we should persuade IT to keep us in, instead of being a freaks' paper and nothing but.


IT is easy 10 guess that 1970 will be the biggest year yet for West Indian based music. The quality of recordings will improve all the time and the really talented Reggae poops will come out on top with a lot of others being left by the wayside . So a Reggae New Year to one and all .
I cavorted at I show with DESMOND DEKKER this week and the improvement in both singer and group is remarkable The act Is now extremely polished and Desmond's voice must be the sweetest In the business.
Trojan Rec:ords are going all out to promote a new single by the COLOURED RAISINS. Formerly on Major Minor, this group thoroughly deserves a hit and they should even break the National Top 50
with TR 7700, ONE WAY LOVE They have converted Cliff Bennett's old hit to an extra·danceable Reggae-Pop version. It is well sung and Is released in an attractive coloured sleeve wIth plastic protective cover. The other side is NO MORE HEARTACHES. Nothing could match up to the Beltones original of this but it is well done all the same. Good luck the Raisins,
Also on Trojan is TR 1106, BLACK COFFEE, by TOMMY McCOOK. An instrumental with a catchy rhythm. Nothing outstanding, this will appeal to some and not to others. Worth a listen to.
Sometimes a Reggae number Is covered by two or more artistes and both versions get popular. This is the case wIth 2 very popular numbers out at the moment. All the main Reggae clubs have been goingmad to MOON HOP and pop A TOP for some weeks now. To find out which is the most popular version of each number, I had an audience vote during my Sunday night show at the SAVOY club, Catford. Although the tltles are different on some versions, the records are basically the same. They voted ANDY CAPP's version of POP A TOP the best with DERRICK MORGAN coming a close second. MOON HOP was an absolute tie between the SYMARIP (alias the Pyramids) and DERRICK MORGAN. The whites seemed to slightly prefer the Pyramids version but the coloureds cheered for Derrick as he makes no allusion to 'Skinheads'.
A good new vocal record is DT 451 OH MAMA, OH PAPA, sung by LYNDON JOHNS on the Downtown label. A true and typical, lively Reggae but lays down the backing and part of the praise for I. fine effort must go to the producer. Dandy who is no mean singer himself. Not so good on the 'B' side but quite acceptable for a flip, Lyndon sings BRING BACK THE NIGHT.
Bring Back the Night brings me to TR 699 NIGHT OF LOVE, by ANSEL COLLINS The title dreams up expectations of dirty words so, not being shy of a Ilttle sex I was disappointed to dIscover that there are no words on this record. It is a good instrumental featuring some competent organ playing. I parlicularty like the other side which is sung by, guess who, yes it's DERRICK MORGAN again. He is doing well lately and here. he sings a catchy number called copy CAT.
The Upsetters have, so far been disappointing on their current tour and the act could be a lot stronger. All praise must go to the other big name touring at the moment, the Pioneers. Their live present•ation and standard is well up to expectat· ions and they are being well Tecelved everywhere they play. Audiences are very fickle these days. The Upsetters reuntly played to an audience of 2,500 people. The next night they phryed to 97 people. Both venues were around London.
You may have seen the National publicity (aroused by broadcasting on a new Pirate Station - RADIO SHEILA. It is an ambition oCmine to help the pirates back on the aiT on a legal basis and I will keep broadcasting as long as possible. The programme, at present, goes out on 191 metres every Sunday from around 11.30 am to 12 noon but the technicians hope to move Radio Sheila onto a wavelength nearer Radio 1 very shortly. Only London & surrounding areas can pick it up at present but expansion is In the offing. I will keep you posted.
My New Year's resolutions are: to go to bed earlier (depending on who it is with) and to get up earlier; plus a couple of private ones. I'm just off to get drunk
so see you anon.
Steve Maxted
Dave Burke tells me that some American Import records will be available in a few weeks in bulk! Thanks a lot BAMBOO RECORDS for sending us the record. They arrived too late for this issue, but keep sending and we'll review them in the immediate future KOPY KAT

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