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Yell IT - Issue 68

Issue 68 International Times


EDITORIAL - By Paul Thompson.

People call us 'skinhead', we don't call ourselves anything. This is our page and we can do what we like with it, and that's what we're going to do. Maybe later we can start that magazine everyone's been going on about.What do vou think? Do vou want one or do you think is a waste of time?
What this page is for is to help us and the trogs to get to know each other better. I think this is a good thing because we might be surprised and find we think the same way on a lot of things. Maybe we'll find out whether its really them or the bosses/police/anyone else we should be fighting. Who knows?
Whatever you may think about long haired people its bloody obvious that WE have had too much bad treatment in the past couple of years. Especially since the press got onto us. For example, I took the girlfriend down to Margate last Bank Holiday Monday. We tried to get into Dreamland - the amusement park, A security bloke in a uniform and helmet told me 'no Boots'. So we went away and, bought a pair of four bob rubber sandals to wear. Next time the same bloke says 'no Levi's' I didn't believe him and went round to another entrance. The bloke there said 'full up'. I pointed out that he was letting people in and he said: 'we're not letting people of your age in', So I told him that me and the girlfriend were old enough to vote and both of us go to college (That was true). Then another Skinhead near us said 'Don't wasle your time. they won't even let you in with 'A' levels. So I told Ihe bloke that I'd sussed out that he had orders not to let Skinheads in. His only reply was 'I'm only doing my job'.
Next time I'm going in shoes and trousers, and if I'm stopped again I'm going 10 demand to see the manager. If anything like this happens to you at Margate Or anywhere else. do the same thing and see what happens - they can't go on treating us like this for ever!
To get back to "YELL", We hope to do interviews with John Peel and Melody Maker's Chris Welch, both of whom are great Skinhead haters, Regular features will include interviews with all sorts of people and D.J. Steve Maxted's record reviews. Keep reading and write to us if you have any ideas.
Sue Collins, Paul Thompson, Ray Blake Simon Waish, Davey, Frances Wake. Barry Blake, Dave Wilkins, Steve Maxted.
Also , thanks to -:
John O'Connor, Charles, Reg Bakar,John Willy, Clare McQuade, Kathleen Melling, Hellen Mooney, Anne Hayes, Lesley Hamillon, Mary Geroghty, Trevor Richardson, Dave Bush, Rita Parmentor. Sarah. Bob Cotton of 'Factory' David Burke, Paul Brown, Chris Wate, Will Alsop, and whoever it was in Notting Hill Gate who claimed to be IPC.


"Never has so much been said by so many who know so little is a phrase One could say quite apropriately of Karate, There are flash adverts in Mens magazines which claim to make you ready to take on half the regular army and a few sand-kicking 220 stone bullies in six easy lessons. There are the crappy T.V. and film thrillers which show Karate as a means of killing enemy agents with the side of your hand and not much else. The first, most important and least mentioned thing is that with Karate, came oriental courtesy. The good sportsmanship and general atmosphere of friendliness between teams which I saw at the European Championships at Crystal Palace outstood any other sporting event I have ever attended, Immedialely after each bout both winner and loser would shake hands, quite spontaneously (the handshaking wasn't in the rules, they simply felt that way about it) In fact, one competitor who spurned his opponents goodwill gesture, was healthily and unanimously booed by the crowd, afte r the 'official' bowing routine had been finished with, 
There are many different versions as to the origin Of Karate, some say that it began with the Thibetan Monks who devised it to protect themselves agalnst the mountain bandits who made travelling so dangerous, While their religion forbade them to carry weapons. Another theory is that the Chinese first devised it as Kung Fu which was later perfected to form Karate by the Japanese. However having consulted reliable sources I have found the following history Of Karate in brief, which I believe to be the most accurate.
Karate began with Alexander the Great and his conquest of Asia in the year 356 B.C. Some of Alexander The Great's troops stayed behind after the battling in India to study the fighting methods used by the people Of that country. Later these methods were brought to China Where they were developed as Kung Fu. Some years after this, Chinese experts travelled to the island of Okinawa which lies off the coast Of Japan, Where they taught their art to the islanders. This came in handy in 1429 When the Japanese attacked and then took them over and passed laws to stop the islanders having weapons to protect themselves against their tax collectors and similar people, who would miuse their power and become brutal to the peasants. 491 years later, Gichin Funakoshi went to Japan and combined his Kung Fu With Jiu Jitsu to make up Karate as we know it today. There are many different styles, Korean, (Tai Kwon Do) and the two main Japanese types - Wado Ryu and Shotokan are the ones favoured in Britain and America.
Another mistake that is commonly made about Karate is the thought that it consists of striking nerve centres on your opponents body. The seeking out and striking of minute nerve centres is an entirely different thing called Atemi Waza. Karate consists of the concentration of force in one part of your body, from the rest of it, thus the ability to break four inch wooden boards with the fist and edge of the hand, and the ability to split a bloody great pile of roofing tiles down the middle just by nutting it, Which black belt Karate experts have demonstrated from time to time. 
But most important of all, I would like to scotch once and for all the prejudiced misconceptions that condemn Karate as a sport that dwells unduly on violence. To say a Karate expert is more of a danger to society than lhe next man is bloody stupid, you could easily say that motoring is a deadly fighting method, just think! You only need apply a tiny amount of pressure with your right foot onto your accelerator to kill as many people as you want. Karate experts have more control over their tempers, emotions, and their own physical activities than most motorists have over their car anyway. This problem came to the forefront some years ago when a man was put away for killing another, allegedly With Karate blows, a nationwide check throughout all the Karate clubs in Blitain showed that he must have known sweet fuck all Karate because he didn't belong to any of the clubs. Despite this there were still people like M.P. Bernard Blain (Inapropriately named) trying to get it abolished. I know from personal experience that all the Karate enthusiasts I have met are very friendly people anyway and apart from that, would go to any lengths to avoid a fight, because they know they would be perfectly capable of defending themselves, their friends and/or families against attack if they had to, thus they don't have to prove anything. Once you know you can take on a bit more than most people, you know this and don't have to reassure you when some tossed off ape in a bar starts getting stroppy, he just isn't worth the time and the energy of a swift 'Sokuto Jodan' in the puss. With this in mind, one can see that while it has the ability of violence, it utlimately brings about less violence, through confidence in oneself, confidence that you are self-controlled not soft.

(A report by Kathleen Mellony and Anne Hayes)
One Saturday we went to Manchester Town centre to ask various types of people their views on our society in general in the the hope of finding out just what they think of Skinheads and the other popular cults which are under persecution such as Greasers and Hippies.
Our first stop was the "Way In" In Deansgate - there we interviewed dishy JOHN BEHAN (with equally dishy but silent mate), He insisted that he wasn't a Skinhead but we were disinclined to believe him, He felt quite disinterested in Greasers and Hippies and Skinheads not to mention the subject of fighting, which he was more against than anything else. He was a real soul fan, liking such people as the  Four Tops, Jerry Butler, Otis Redding and Prince Buster and the All Stars. His choice of clothes was very like the Skinhead uniform, but he hated Dr, Marten's preferring to wear Royals.
A we were coming out of the 'Way In' we bumped into mod Rob Finleyson with a friend who professed to be a Skinhead. He said he didn't like the bunch of Skinheads who were only out for fights. He himself only liked fighting if he was sure of winning! He was quite disinterested in both Hippies and Greasers. He was quite helpful when three Hippies passed that we hadn't seen and he helped us to interview them. We didn't know quite what to expect and were surprised to find them friendly, kind and likable people who laughed amiably when some little teenybopper girls went past making silly and catty remarks and asking for trouble. The spokesman was SONNY EARL who thought that skinheads were terrible but raved about Rockers and Hippies. Although he disliked fighting he said that he would if the need arose. Sonny's favourite groups included the Beatles, Stones, Ten Years After and the Pink Floyd. He favoured colourful psychedelic clothes. Coloureds in his opinion were all right.
From the "Way In' we went to a well-known boutique and found the assistant very helpful. JIMMY EDWARDS was a rather way put mod, who was indifferent to Hippies and Greasers but had a well-fouunded dislike of Skinheads because he said that they came into his boutique to cause trouble and mess about. Jimmy likes any music that catches his attention, and when asked if he liked coloureds he said that the nicest people he knows are coloured. His fellow assistant was rather freaky (it was obvious by his clothes) was a Blind Faith fan and liked the Cream before they broke up. He visits a number of places including well-known ones like Mr. Smith's, Time and Place. Rails and the Magie Village.  Next we interviewed two young city fans to ask their views on our society and Ihey were very co-operative, Eleven year, old Malcolm Jones from Little Hulton, Lancs, told us that he disliked all three cults so did his friend. They both liked pop music ranging from the Hollies to the Bachelors. We discovered that although Malcolm held no predjudice at all against coloureds his friend hated them,  We left Malc and his friend to visit Lewis's the common hangout for Skinheads and sure enough as we went into the Record Dept. we  saw an extra lovely Skinhead we went up to  him all sorta weak at the knees and learned  that his name was DAVID BARNSHAW and  he came from Oldham. He thought that Skinheads were great but used rather heavy language concerning Hippies and Greasers. He as most others did not like fighting. David is a soul fanatic and loves the Temptations,  Marvin Gaye, the Foundations and Wilson  Pickett. 
In his clothes line(sorry) he likes bleached Levis (with one inch turn·ups), Dr. Marten's suit jackets with deep vents and crew neck pullovers. 
We decided to ask the views of a person who makes Skinheads what they are, so we went along to the barbers in Lewis's and the man we spoke to was very helpful. He explained that although they do not specialise in skinning heads on Saturday they got as many as twelve lads getting their hair cropped and he always found them very polite and he added that the younger generation today were, he thought on the whole a good mannered lot.  Mary was the only girl we interviewed and she was very nice to us, She is a mod with lovely long blond hair who loves Skinheads (hear, hear) but she hates Greasers and thinks Hippies are mad. A soul fanatic she loves music from artists like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Jerry Butler, the Temptations and the Four Tops. 
No survey is complete without a summary by the interviewers and so Anne and I endeavoured to put down in words what we had learned from the afternoon but it wasn't casy. We had come out with a false impression of Greasers and Hippies and thought that anyone who was not a Skinhead was a weirdo. All the young people we interviewed had basically the same views but their self-expression was different, Skinheads we know feel are not quite as persecuted or as libelled as newspapers would have us believe. Skinheads, for a small section of the population are a new focus for persecution.

By Steve Maxted
You want to know about the latest development in Reggae music? My column will keep you well informed and I will also be telling you about the best in new, current, and future Reggae releases so that you'll know what's worth listening out for. Whv Me? I have supported the music and played my record shows for several years and have been personally acquainted with the people and singles concerned since the beginning. Fanfare over: on with the meat. 
The latest craze record is TI-7050 SKINHEAD MOONSTOMP, by SYMARIP, A happy lively record with plenty of yelling and stomping and a really solid Reggae beat. Hardly any rehearsal was had for the making of this and the instantaneous, party type atmosphere comes over well as a result. Here's my first little secret. Spell SYMARIP backwards and you will get something vaguely like PYRAMlDS becaue thats who the record is really by. 
DESMOND DEKKER'S latest, PYR-6078 PICKNEY GAL, was recorded partly in Jamaica (musical backing) and partly in England (chorus etc), young children were used on the chorus instead of the usual ACES and were steered by GRAEM GOODALL, owner of the DOCTOR BIRD record group and PHILLIP CHAN producer. A slowish pace is used and the story is about a girl who steals things, especially from pop stars, This  record will grow on you. Desmond's voice is as sweet as usual and another massive hit will be the result. 
When you listen to a West Indian record in a shop, ask to hear the 'B' side as they are often as good, if not better than the 'A' sides. This is the case with CLA-200 MR. MIDNIGHT by the DYNAMITES which is the 'B' side to WHO YEA by KING STITT. A really chunky instrumental with some unusual sounds, Mr. Midnight makes full use of the brass and rhythm sections and contains a really melodic tune.

LAUREL AITKEN has out what can be called a 'Filthy'record. the title being, 'The Rise and Fall of Laurel Aitken' which isn't referring to his heartbeat. Laurel told me while his gold teeth tempted me to perform a hit and run job, that he is making  an L.P. specially for Skinheads. Should be interesting.

AMG- 850, ALLI BUTTON by The PIONEERS is not their official follow-up to LONGSHOT KICK THE BUCKET  but is a similar pace vocal wilh all the Pioneers usual ingredients except for one; no trumpet to herald the start. Who cares, it's a great record anyway. 

Well at last Reggae music is hitting the  national charts in a big way and us long standing fanatics can either be sad at seeing our music being swallowed up by the big commercial machine or we can be glad that others Who didn't know this bubbling dancing music existed, can now Share the pleasure we get from it The lyrics may often be fairytale, the music simple and  basic. There is the secret for, no matter  what we like to call ourselves, we are basically animals, Thank God. See you next issue.  STEVE MAXTED

Dear "YELL"  Many of you may have seen in the national newspapers a pic. of a copper standing guard over many Skinhead boots. To us and all other people who care about Skinheads, this just isn't right. Why don't the Grease have their leather jackets confiscated because they can conceal a lot more weapons in those that can cause more damage than any Skinhead could hope to do with a pair of Dr. Martin's. We don't have anything against the Grease except they can't see our point of view.  Anyway, so there are the Skinheads stood freezing on the terraces in their holey little socks. All the old men straight from work - also wearing cheap imitations of Dr. Marten's laugh and make fun of the Skinheads and every one knows no-one is likely to become more bugged more quickly than when they are being scorned. 
It is true that some people have jumped on the Skinhead bandwagon just to cause trouble  for their own amusement but all the modern cults have this problem so why label the skinheads troublemakers?  Surely lhe police should try and be more un-biased and instead of just picking on the Skinheads, get to know a small section of the crowd and find out just who the real trouble makers are and deal with them accordingly. SKINHEADS AREN'T REALLY TROUBLE-MAKERS' THEY ARE JUST THE NEW  FOCUS FOR PERSECUTION. 

If the Skinheads want a page in the future issues of IT, would they please refrain from jumping on me in Deptford (Just by the  Odeon) 

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