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Yell IT - Issue 69

Issue 69 International Times



RIGHT - As from now on I refuse to let anyone call me a skinhead, or I prickle-head , or anything like that.

On Thursday the 20th November, 10,000 people marched through London in support of more pay for teachers. The EVENING STANDARD said the marchers included teachers, student teachers, and even a few skinheads' (oh fuck, that word again!) Well I counted four of us altogether.
What I would like to say is that many of you readers will still be at school You'l know what a drag it is in the crappy old buildings, tucked away in obscure parts of the city, with classes of 40. The teacher gets on your nerves, you get on the teacher's nerves, and both of you are glad to get away from it. Those of you who have left, and are now working, envying the students who are 'poncing off the state', and wishing you had. University degree and a cushy house and car, are fed up too, well this was what the teachers were striking about, They haven't had a decent pay rise for years. This means that the number of people becoming teachers will go down because there's not the right pay to attract them, That means that instead of classes of 40, it'll soon be 45 or 51 and soon everyone will get fed up and the country's education will be up the spout. So next time the teachers strike or march, remember why they're doing it, and many of you should join in, or send your message of support, like a group of East End Barrow-Boys did. It was a bloody awful Yell' page last Issue, I thought , It didn't yell at all, it hardly managed to whisper. Starting from this issue we should get better, learning from our past mistakes. We had someone interviewing Chris Welch, from Melody Maker, but apart from the fact that he was (suddenly) very nice about it all, very little was found out. He thought short hair and boots was a throw-back to the army, for example. But apart from that, it seemed to be a pretty uninteresting interview. If you're reading this, Chris, thanks anyway for letting us pester you. Sometime in the near future, pop/folk singer David Bowie should be starting I regular column for us, writing about whatever he feels like writing about. He's a good bloke, and on our side, In spite of his long hair, and he should have a lot ofinteresting things to say. One of the best things about our page, so far, Is another regular feature, Steve Maxted's music column. It makes us the only newspaper in the land with an up-to-date Reggae review
But a lot depends on you LOT OUT THERE. We are short of articles and photographs mainly. So lend a hand - if you don't the page dies and we're left without a voice.

THE day after the PIONEERS arrived in this country, their official follow-up to "LONG SHOT KICK THE BUCKET' arrived through my letter box. Good service I call that. The record is TR-698, 'POOR RAMESES' & out of all the new Reggae. releases I heard this week it's got to be the best. People who come to my shows will be plagued by this chugging Reggae record as, in my opinion, it sets a perfect dancing pace & doesn't let up for 1 minute. At the time of writing it's not been released but it will probably be out by the time you read this review.
TROJAN have sent me another hot release called 'SWEET SENSATION' by the MELODlANS. TR-695, & melodious it is. Semi echo chamber is used (or the crystal clear vocals & the music lopes along at a nice steady pace. My favourite out of the current Reggae songs is CLA·201. THE WORLD NEEDS LOVE by CLANCY ECCLES. I much prefer these sweetly sung, harmonious numbers to the talking, or shouting type Reggae which seems to be dying out, I'm glad to say. The World Needs Love' is on Clancy's own label 'Clandisc' & the B side is another superb DYNAMITES number called DOLLAR TRAIN . This belts along at a furious pace guaranteed to get you going: hangover 'n all.
Not much Rock Steady about these days but the PYRAMIDS' ' CHICKEN MARY' is a fine example of this variatlon. It's so catchy that I keep singing it in my sleep. The number Is DB-1307.
Philligree Productions of Doctor Bird Records have released several Reggae numbers on a new label called ATTACK. One of these is ATT-8002 'REGGAE KRISHNA' by the FAMILY CIRCLE. A happy, half Reggae, half Pop interpretation of the recent Krishna hit parade number.
The best of the new ATTACK releases is by the same group, the FAMILY CIRCLE. The title is PHOENIX REGGAE, ATT-8001 & I go for this in a big way. It's a welcome and refreshing revival of the old PHOENIX CITY & I can just picture you all bobbing up & down in unison to this at my shows although It only arrived this morning so I haven't yet tried it out on my fellow Reggae lovers. Yes, I'd describe this one as a 'bobber' whatever that means.
STRANGER COLE handed me his latest record & described it as a Soul Reggae: I would agree with him. ES-810, PRETTY COTTAGE is full of sweet lines such as 'The trees are blowing & The streams are running' & is the sad story of a man who has had an engagement ring returned to him yet still he dreams of a cottage for two. Soulfully sung, the music fits the mood well & this is sure to bring the tears if you are suffering from a broken romance.
I am making a Reggae record myself soon & before I write the next review. I am due to compere a big Reggae show starring a lot of big names at Norwood, SE London, so I will have a lot to tell you in the next one. / Cheers for now,

(Report from Manchester)
SO THERE I WAS ALL DRESSED UP & SET on going to the Twisted Wheel in Whitworth ST., where all the mods and skinheads (& all the oddities) go. When I got to the door there was a sixth former from our shool taking the names of some girls who were from our school too. 0ne of the girls was standing outside crying so I went over and asked her what was wrong. She told me that the girls having their names taken had been warned by the head-mistress not to go to the Wheel and they were probably going to get expelled. They were expelled and the rest of us got a warning. Sometimes during the holidays we can get to the Wheel without being caught but most kids are scared off by the thought of getting expelled so...
In my opinion, and many other people's opinions, the Wheel is the best club this side of the Berlin Wall. People come from far places such as Morecombe. Blackpool & sometimes from Glasgow to go to the Wheel.
Somehow the people at the Wheel manage to get fantastic groups and people from everywhere, their prices are reasonable and on the whole the people that hang out at the Wheel are OK. The Wheel has got a bad reputation from the people who stand ouuide trying to peddle drugs. I say 'trying to' because the majority of the Wheel people would not touch drugs.
Why should our school - a good many of whom are not even allowed to go into town at night because of what the hedmistress has said about the Wheel - be denied their right?. .
We have found there is no use in fighting because it only gets us into deeper trouble & we are labelled no good trouble makers.
Suggestions to solve this problem are welcome.... WE NEED HELP.

I think this should be published because it shows how kind, peaceful and utter bastards skinheads are. We (ACID ENTERPRlSES) took refuge from the cold one Sunday afternoon in a coffee bar called the NEW LOOK wot reeked of skinheads. Not long after we sat down with cups of tea about six skins got up from their seats and proceeded to push my hairy mate called Rick over the table, boot him in the face a couple of times and hit him on the back of the head. Then, not being content with that, offered us out for a rumble. We are peace lovin' men and refused, then we asked the manager to phone the fuzz. The manager did not want any trouble so he phoned for a taxi instead, by now the skins had rode away in a car. The taxi arrived and in we got and went to the nearest fuzz station and the coppers just wrote out a complaint and forgot about it. My complaint is that my mate got hit and it might happen again. Just because he's got long hair, man that's no reason to hit someone. / Yours Ugly / JAKE

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