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Chargesheet Zine

Steve Goodman (aka Grogger) produced a zine in the late 80s named Chargesheet. At a time when most zines tended to get too involved in politics or concentrate too much on the original skinhead style, Chargesheet was the most influential zine concentrating on punk and Oi! music. Unlike many of its contemporaries, it managed to make it past the 5/6 issue mark and well into double figures before its demise. The magazine must have given Grogger a zest for writing as he went on to write England Belongs to Me. He is looking to publish a new novel - Pressure Drop. Here are some PDFs of a couple of issues that have survived in my collection of zines.

Right-click and "Save-link as" as they are quite large and probably won't preview in your browser

Chargesheet 8

Chargesheet 9

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