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No Whites; No Rudies; No Blacks; No Skins.

The contradictory nature of the history of the skinhead culture - its black roots and its synonymous link with racism, both from the very early days to the present, is a matter of much debate and confusion. Just what was the nature of these conflicting ideals. Much has been made of them by sociologists and the truth seems to be tainted by the politics and vested interests of those involved in writing about it. This is my own personal view of events based upon what I have read and heard about.




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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

History has been a series of struggles between good and bad and the nature of evil is debatable. With skinheads there is no difference but are skinheads inherently bad? Is the raison d'être of being a skinhead being bad or is that just the media's take on it? Do skinheads revel in the role of being misunderstood?



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